Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Waitin' on a sunny day

I may have a while, it's half past midnight. But I'm sitting here waiting as this week's items of mine for BBC Hereford & Worcester make their very slow way across the BBC webmail system. (No offence to BBC Webmail, I couldn't do my job without it and I've tried, but this one thing is always very slow.)

It's because I'm uploading a large attachment, it works out at just under 1Mb per item and I send four at a time so you can understand it choking a bit.

But while I wait, how are you? If you're waiting for anything too, have a look at this: which contains a description of using cards and corkboard for planning your screenplays. It's thoroughly explained, it's unquestionably the right and sensible, even proper thing to do, yet I cannot. I was going to tell you why, but I'll wait until we know each other better. But just because I can't do it, doesn't mean you can't so do have a look.

Still waiting. Okay, may I tell you how my day's been? This is more for me than for you, though I do suspect you've already thought that, as it's been my idea of bliss.

How do I tell you this without a lot of "And then I..." bits? Hang on, my email's conked. I just to give it a nudge.

There you go. Okay, I won't bore you with the hour-by-hour chronology but overall I've spent today researching in the library, writing a response to a Radio Times reader who was very gratifiyingly full of praise of my On This Day column but had issues he wanted answered. I did a photo shoot for the opening of a studio - and, wow, standing up on a step ladder, directing 12 people who all did everything I asked, who I somehow managed to keep giggling and laughing so that they look fantastic in the shots, and then prepping 40 shots to immediately go to a magazine that was waiting. More than waiting, its pages had gone to press, the editor was just holding one back long enough for these shots. And then I spent the rest of the night until now recording my BBC Hereford and Worcester stuff.

So I've done print journalism, academic research, photography and radio work in one day. I'm a lucky bastard but I know it.

Hope you had a good 'un, too.