Sunday, July 30, 2006

When DVDs Go Cheap - UK DVD Review

They're the most highly-awaited and, face it, highly-hyped DVDs and what happens to them?

The price drops like a stone.

After you've bought 'em.

It's the new UK DVD Review feature I wish I hadn't started now yet am compelled to continue: what DVDs came out exactly one year ago and how little would it cost to buy them today? That's a rather long name so instead I call it Oh-My-God-It's-Only-£5.99.

But, come on, chin up, you've had a full year's enjoyment out of that disc. You have, haven't you? Or is this like your copy of Lost in Translation which I know is still in its shrinkwrapping since 2004? Still, hey, it's in a nice box, it looks good on your shelf.

And while we're bright-siding here, look at it this way: you can't have bought everything last July. So if it turns out that you're as scared of this week's new Final Destination 3 as I am or you're no more fussed about Rome than I've managed to be, you can still ferret around the bargain shelves and get some great titles. Okay, one great and one all right. July 2005 wasn't a goldmine.


As well as looking at old releases and new ones, it'd be a bit thick not to take a peek ahead to a superb release due in November. Let's just say that it's truly one of the greatest TV comedies ever made.

It's truly one of the greatest TV comedies ever made.

And if you recognise that gag, just you tune in to the new UK DVD Review for more:

Hope you're well - and thanks to Piers, who pointed out that my blog was a sensible place for this weekly rabbit.