Thursday, October 02, 2008

Winged chariot

Some months ago, my car's driver-side wing mirror had to be replaced on account of it being smashed off. Yesterday I took the car back for a service and waited for the phone call.

GARAGE: You know that wing mirror we fixed?
ME: Ye-ess.
GARAGE: It's fine.
ME: Er, good.
GARAGE: But the rest of the car...



Jason Arnopp said...

What? What's wrong with it?

Is it an ex-car?

William Gallagher said...

No, it's now gleaming - or it would be if I ever washed the thing - and everything works very nicely and almost newly.

But it cost.

Oh, it cost.

I used to have a Rover that I spent several times more on paying for repairs than for buying in the first place and at the garage yesterday I joked that at least this car wasn't like that.

"Um," they said later.