Friday, June 10, 2011

Last one down the pub buys the drinks

Wait, that doesn't work, does it? What's everybody else supposed to do while I hold them up?

I feel like I'm the last one to the party here but also a wee bit chastened: I've been so busy - heavy, dramatic sigh, bring on the gypsy violinist - that I've not caught up with Danny Stack's Liquid Lunch series. I look back at what I've been so heavily, dramatically, sighingly, violinistly busy on and can't quite see anything. And in the meantime, he's got three episodes out along with backstage videos and the scripts.

Consequently all I'm really doing here is getting in your way when you want to go watch Liquid Lunch. Tell you what, you head for the site that is Liquid Lunch and I'll get the drinks in.

What're you having?


laurence timms said...

Whatever Danny's drinking...

Danny Stack said...

Mine's a double. And whatever else everyone's having, it's on me!

William Gallagher said...

Hang on, how big's your audience? Am I going to be the only one on Pepsi? I don't mind being the designated driver but millions are watching this series of yours and I've only got a small car.