Friday, February 10, 2012

Big Finish Day 2 – tomorrow

Very quickly: any chance you're around London tomorrow? I'm going to be signing autographs at Big Finish Day 2 in Barking. The full details are yours for just a tap of a finger or a click of a mouse.

Actually, while you're on that page, would you scroll down, please? No, further than that. Further. Bit more. Stop.

Right there: my name. Depending on when you look, I'm either last or near to last on the list and I wouldn't be more chuffed if the whole event were named after me. I'm a bit of a fraud being on the list at all since I've not had any Doctor Who releases since the last one - my next, Wirrn Isle, is out at the end of March - but you're not taking my spot away from me. 

Such a great list to be on. All these people whose work I've read for years.

And then the biggie. Not Tom Baker, though that's going to be interesting, not Louise Jameson though I admire her and a friend who's worked with her says she's a treat. But Shane Rimmer is going to be there.

The voice of Scott Tracy from Thunderbirds.

Also a million other things, of course, but the pilot of Thunderbird 1. My six-year-old self would be agog.

If you can make it, please do and please say hi. You'll have to put up with me signing whatever you have in your hand at the time, but.


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