Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Finishing Doctor Who: Wirrn Isle

I've just this minute discovered that my iPad knows the word Wirrn. It's obviously learnt this from the number of times I've written it, unless my iPad is sneaking off to watch Doctor Who without telling me. But from now on, whenever I'm asked how I wrote Wirrn Isle, I will tell the truth: my iPad autocompleted it for me.

Doctor Who: Wirrn Isle came out over a month ago now and at first it was a right treat reading reviews and online chatter. Writers often say they don't read reviews of their work: I thought it was through some arty reasoning, or maybe just fear, but it's possible that it's only because there are so many. I set a Google Alert on the word Wirrn and got swamped with references to my work, with one-liners, with full-blown reviews, criticism, praise...

...and with pirated versions. Hmm.

You know people download films, I just never knew how many pirate sites there are. Some pirate users appeared to be eagerly waiting for Wirrn Isle, so I suppose that's a good thing.

If you want to be on the legal side of the angels, here's where you can get it properly on CD and online. You can also get it through some outfit that seems to be doing well; a place called Amazon. Wirrn Isle is on both Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Oh! Can I tell you this? Just between us? The other week, I went to Amazon UK to order a couple of copies to send to some radio producers and I got what is now my absolute favourite warning to read online anywhere: "Only 1 left in stock".

I needed two, actually, so I was fully justified in buying that last one. I didn't have to wait long before they restocked and I could buy for the second producer, but this means I was officially and certainly sold out at Amazon.

I've been called a sell-out before, but never in a good way.

Right, I'm off to see what other Doctor Who-y words my iPad knows.

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