Friday, March 31, 2006


I've been mocked for boasting that I've got nine bylines in this week's Radio Times.

And you have to agree, I boasted. I deserve mockery.

But I was also doubted, can you believe that? There I am, minding my own business, very full of myself and big-headed, when this geezer mocks me and adds "Besides, I could only find eight."

For the record, the new ninth byline is on a feature about BBC4's 1973 season but then there's the usual seven of me for On This Day and one last 'un for the TV Stat on the letters page.

And wow, that Stat is a bugger to do. I've had nightmares about it, quite seriously.

Anyway, hi. How've you been? As I write this it's Friday night, I've just delivered a half-hour sitcom script to that same doubting geezer (he, I and a few others have challenged each other to write a sitcom from scratch in two months), tomorrow I'm dancing and doing more On This Day; Sunday I'm a photographer at the NEC for a Sewing for Pleasure show.

You see? I tell you everything. Now, 'fess up, what's happening with you?



LFCC said...


William Gallagher said...

You askin'?

LFCC said...

Now you're frightening me :)

Piers said...

What, he's only started frightening you *now*?

Dan Sette said...

Whoooo look at those feet. Them's dancin' feet

LFCC said...

His feet may well be for dancing, but what about the rest of him?

Dan Sette said...

Judging by the angle of the camera, "It's Murder On The Dance Floor"

See! I can be hip! In fact I feel like throwing a few shapes, myself.

William Gallagher said...

Eeek, you're all talking about me! Laura, I did wonder i you'd get this, but the "You dancin'?/You askin'?" couplet is from The Liver Birds sitcom. It continues "I'm askin'/I'm dancin'" so you're safe as long as you don't reply.

And I'm going to fold my arms now and not tell you whether I was literal or figurative about dancing, so there, humph.

Piers said...

I thought she was frightened of your Liver Bird Knowledge.

LFCC said...

William don't be coy - it doesn't suit you. Are you a salsa man, Indian Classical, or techno-break beat hip-hop street dance?

Of course I recognise the reference - I'm a Beatles fan after all, and the line crops up in at least one of their films. Must be a Liverpool 'thing'.