Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Closed by popular demand

Now, am I popular or have I just been secretly downloading umpteen Hollywood blockbusters and for some reason parking them on my website?

I'm afraid that if you go to my site now, www.williamgallagher.com, you don't get in. Apple's switched it off because I've exceeded the limits on how much data can be transferred from it. I have to say that makes me feel great: enough people are grabbing my UK DVD Review podcast that I've been shut down.

From a quick look at Apple's finger-wagging email, it looks like there's nothing I can do until May 1st, the next time they check these things. I suspect in fact that if I pay the right people the right amount of money I can get the site back up, though, so I'll look into that and my bank balance.

It's definitely an embarrassing thing that one can't get to my site. I suppose it ought to be cruel, cruel world that I have to pay more because the site's a success.

But I just can't help grinning.

William "Intolerably Smug" Gallagher

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