Friday, October 20, 2006


Something I think you might like: there's going to be a BBC Good Food website from November and it has everything you might imagine, plus a really nice extra.

You know how the best ideas seem incredibly simple and even obvious in retrospect? The editor of the BBC Good Food website, Vic, has decided to have a glossary of food terms - and to show you how to pronounce them. I think there are some 300 terms, something like that, ranging from ingredient names to wines and grapes, cooking terminology. All or most have a phonetic spelling along with the detailed description.

And then about 70 or 80 of the most difficult or contentious have also got a voiceover: click the button and you'll hear exactly how to say them.

It's my voice.

I just delivered the last recording this afternoon.

And I'm so proud of getting to do it: BBC Good Food looks like a superb website, I'm really chuffed to have been involved.



Piers said...

I wonder if we can cut up the phonemes and re-arrange them so it sounds as if you're saying rude things?

Christine said...

With enough recordings, we could make a whole text-to-speech engine out of him.

LFCC said...

I'm happy to condemn your French accent as execrable, dear. But it is undoubtedly a darn sight better than mine!

Alors, a bientot ...