Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Paging Dr Gallagher...

There's this thing going on, perhaps you know about it: a blog called the Red Right Hand suggests we put up online a single page of script. It should be something you wrote in the last year, it should come with no explanation, no context.

Presumably no prize, either, but there you go. The event, if that's the right word, is being called One Page 2006 which suggests there may be a One Page 2007. By then, I may even have written two pages.

Now, I don't know how to embed a nice thumbnail of it, but otherwise, here's mine:
William's one



m said...

Here's your participation prize.

Yes, there will very likely be a One Page 2007, but the first One Page was last year.

LFCC said...

Never heard of Red Right Hand - thought it was a song on the X-Files soundtrack, actually - er, I don't think you are entering into the spirit of the thing by publishing something so utterly undreadable, but am I missing the point?

After falling flat on my ample bazoo with the 1000 Words A Day Challenge, perhaps this would have been more within my capabilities.