Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Brothers & Sisters

Sorry, I've had to take this entry off. So that the comments make sense - er, the comments remain, right? - then you need to know that this was about watching a whole season of this show, Brothers & Sisters, and whether it's an interesting writing exercise.

I'll put it back if I can.



Piers said...

When I was researching sitcoms a couple of years back I watched the entire first season of Friends in a week, and found the exact same thing.

It's really interesting because you can see about 6 or 7 episodes in, when they first make some tweaks to the format, and then about half way into the season when they do it again.

For example, in the first half-dozen episodes Phoebe sings in the subway every week. And then, she doesn't. Ever again, as far as I'm aware.

William Gallagher said...

Yes! I have the extended version of the Friends pilot and it includes a dropped scene with Phoebe doing just that. And they were obviously havering about the idea even then because they say on the commentary that they dropped it very early for time reasons and didn't bother to fix a sound fault on it.

To make the extended version, they had to get Lisa Kudrow to re-record the audio. So you see her as she was in 1994 and you're hearing her as she was in 1999 or something.

Actually, have you watched Studio 60? The revamping is really apparent in that one even when I was watching it once a week.

Does make me want to know what changes, in any show, are originated by the show's team and how many are imposed by their networks.