Friday, November 09, 2007

All is well

There are birds in the trees. I'm writing again. My Oscar is in the post. I don't want to make too big a deal out of this, but on my way over here, I healed some people.

Yes, I have an iPhone.



Piers said...

I'm so feeling up your iPhone when next we meet.


It's going to be phone-grope-tastic.

Laura said...

You're just a poor sad slave to consumerism William, but never mind that. Is it good? Can you work it? Does it do everything it says on the box?

William Gallagher said...

Slave to consumerism? Just you try flogging me a football shirt.

But yes, it's actually even better than I expected. I'm only ten days in or so but already it's changing a lot of things I do; for one thing I spend less time glued to my computers. I did expect it to be handy to check my email on this; I didn't expect it to feel more convenient to reply on it.

Though on the downside, it means I rarely leave my email behind. I read yours on the motorway, for instance. I would like to stress that I was stationary in traffic, mind.