Saturday, November 17, 2007

Graphite by example

Presumably you're on the side of the writers in the US strike: if not, hello, it's funny you should stop by here just when I'm talking about you and the other five people backing the producers.

But if you are one of those, do please look away now and don't spoil the surprise: I've just sent you a gift. Like socks at Christmas, it's a nice gift that you're going to get sick of.

Writers across the world are being asked to show support for the US strike by sending a box of pencils to the heads of the studios holding out. Being writers, these pencils are imbued with symbolism and you want to chip in, don't you? It'll cost a dollar: click here to do the deed.

Ta to Piers for blogging about it even as he should be giving me notes on a script.



Laura said...

Ahhh, I like that idea. I have been following the progress of the WGA action and have been wondering about what I can do to support it - other people I have heard (including actor Gary Sinise) are baking cookies and taking them to strikers on picket lines.

Piers said...

Hem. Hoo. Ah. Yes.

I'll get on that tomorrow.