Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm happy / hope you're happy too

I was weighing up whether to claim this was a message from the action man. Or to find a pun on Major Tom, funky funk, you get the idea.

The new issue of Radio Times magazine, on sale today, comes with a set of four covers. Choose wisely. They're all about Ashes to Ashes, though, and I was at the photo shoot. You can see a sliver of that above but the behind-the-scenes video I shot is here.

Actually, that's a thought: the link takes you to the video clip on the Radio Times "Ashes to Ashes" Programme Guide. I forgot: I wrote that guide too.



Lozzie Cap said...


Did you choose the music for that film clip?

If they ever remake Blake's Seven I vote Philip Glenister to play Kerr Avon ...

William Gallagher said...

No, t'wasn't me. I don't like music on these things but I'm considerably out-voted.

Can't picture him as Avon, though. How about Anthony Michael Hall?


Lozzie Cap said...

Nah, I can't picture him as Anthony Michael Hall, either ;)