Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lark Rise to Candleford

You won't believe how many people have pointed out to me that the new BBC1 period drama Lark Rise to Candleford was dramatised by Bill Gallagher. (No relation.) You may believe more that every ten years or so, I get some documentation meant for him. This week it was a taxable benefits claim for some hospitality he'd given someone. If your name is Susan Hogg, let me assure you that BBC payroll is sorting it all out.

And, yes, he writes multi-part BBC1 dramas but I occasionally go to the photo shoot. Here's the current cover of Radio Times magazine and, next to it, a shot from my iPhone from the day.

Two reasons to show you this. The first is just that I think it's a great cover. How many other magazines would have spent an afternoon setting that up and shooting it with a period, antique camera? The image has been coloured by hand, too.

And the second is that I was there filming the filming, so to speak, for and the video of the Lark Rise shoot is now online. I need to tell you that I didn't edit it; RT's Matylda Dymek did a very good job on the footage and I can't take credit, although I long to. I have a habit, I've found, of ignoring the fact that someone else is going to cut the film: I shoot what I would want to edit with, I don't give her enough coverage to let her create much else. I'll try to be better. And perhaps it's not a great surprise, then, that the key moments in the video are precisely the ones I wanted, but they are good.

Can't wait to see what she does with my Ashes to Ashes footage.



Anonymous said...

Please, please, if you still have got the magazine, scan the "Lark rise to candleford" pages and upload them. I would love to print them.

/Fan of Lark rise to candleford

William Gallagher said...

Forgive me, but most Anonymous comments I get are spam and I delete them without reading and without really even looking. I'm surprised I paused long enough to register this one. But since I did, if you are genuine, could you comment again and leave a name?

Any name'll do. I just can't reply to an Anonymous.

Or you could email me at if you do that and I have the pages (I think I do) I'll email you back the scans.

And if you are spam, you're amazingly well done.

Victoria Williams said...


No, I am not a spam.
That would be very nice of you :-)
Thanks :-)

Victoria Williams said...

I sent you an e-mail as well :-)