Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Becoming Who-man

Presuming that all goes well with various other plans for Doctor Who coverage on the website, next week sees me starting my very own Who blog on the site.

You're thinking that this is what the world needs, another Doctor Who blog. Ah, but is it in fact what RT needs? The idea is I'm to coo about what I like in each episode (presuming that I do, which is never guaranteed but looking at the form the series has, is a bit bleedin' likely) and then a conversation can hang off the end of it with readers saying yay/nay/exterminate* (*delete as applicable).

I'll put up a link here if it all goes ahead; I'd greatly appreciate your nipping off to read it and proving to RT that I am the Who-man that they appear to think.

I would actually say that I'm Drama-man, but you won't believe me, you'll think science fiction geek because: I've just heard BBC Radio 4's Journey into Space and really enjoyed it. It's the Saturday Play in a week or two. And it's written by Charles Chilton, the man who wrote the original ones starting 50-odd years ago. He's apparently 91, still working, and I'm told he still has a handshake that can crush a walnut.


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