Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just wonderin'

Why are there birthday cards with lines like "What is a sister?" If anyone doesn't know, they're unlikely to be the buyer or the receiver.

Why is Microsoft Word so fantastic at recovering documents? Can't the team who did that move over to the one trying to stop Word losing documents in the first place?

A local protest group was filmed carrying banners that read "Save Are School". Was that a clever argument for their cause or the reason the school is giving up?

How can there be an Encyclopedia of the Unexplained?

Why was the first word my first girlfriend first said to me, "Security!"?

Why do Hollywood actresses always look extraordinarily bad in TV ads for beauty products?

Why will my iPhone, currently the greatest piece of industrial design imaginable, suddenly appear as rubbish as the rest of them when iPhone 2 comes out?

Is there anything else I can do to postpone thinking of what to write in this week's Doctor Who blog on Radio Times?

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