Sunday, December 16, 2007

Joking Apart

Finally, I can tell you this: I've written a companion booklet for the Joking Apart series 2 DVD.

The DVD is being released on March 17 next year but as of today you can preorder it from official website.

The main feature of the booklet is about both series, it's the whole story of how Steven Moffat's comedy came to be. It's really about how the show went right and then went so wrong: how something so great simply wasn't seen by many people. And how the sitcom's vibrant mix of sex and verve, sheer farce and stunning rage, is now so obviously where Moffat's hit Coupling started.

But there's also a piece in the booklet by DVD producer Craig Robins on how the second series was remastered from the 1990s original master tapes and why they had to be painstakingly worked on, how the show looks better now than it did on transmission. It's an informative story and Craig is adding to it on his revamped Replay DVD website. Starting today and over the next couple of months until the DVD is out, he's recounting some of the behind the scenes stories. He thought it was just a DVD project, but your hand will be in your mouth when you hear what it took to get this made.

In case you don't already know, Craig Robins wasn't a DVD producer until he found out the BBC was never going to release Joking Apart. Never. He checked. It was official. So he put up ouchfuls of his own money, negotiated and bought the rights to release the first series it himself.

Plainly it's worked out well because now he's back with the second.

Fantastic, isn't it?



Christine said...

Okay, I officially concede that that is much cooler than anything I'm working on at the moment. Keep us posted so we can turn green with envy, you lucky bastard!

William Gallagher said...

I thank you. But I don't deserve your envy because I'm writing this on my iPhone, leaning against a 1980s Audi Quattro car that is soon to star in Ashes to Ashes.

I love this stuff: all I'm doing is filming behind the scenes video for Radio Times of a photo shoot and I'm only here because the person who usually does it, can't. But I'm a drama nut, a photography one and a Photoshop fan: I've got 'em some magnificent footage but in return it's been a masterclass in most things I'm interested in, and I got lunch too.

Happy now.


Christine said...


William Gallagher said...

I was still preening until ten minutes ago when I read Jason's blog about seeing Doctor Who.

I have asked RT if I could be the one videoing their next Doctor Who shot (what I actually said was any drama beginning with D and ending in octor Who but I think they saw through that).


Piers said...

The Sarah Jane Adventures Octorwho?

martin said...

Fantastic - I loved joking apart, aqnd noone else I've ever spoken to had ever even heard of it.

Merry Xmas sir, and since yr doing the Ashes to Ashes thing,can you get me Kelley Hawes phone mumber for Christmas. Ta. ;)

William Gallagher said...

Merry Christmas to you, too, sir!

And I don't know about her number, but her figure us worrying. I must be getting old; she came onto the shoot in costume with 1980s jeans so tight you could see her DNA and all I could think was how long ago it must be since she ate anything.

Curiously enough, she was the only cast member who asked if I could film only a little bit. Overall permission had been granted but I was required to check with each actor ij the day Philip Glenister was more like "Why are you asking?"


Jason Arnopp said...

Merry Christmas, sir. Loving the sound of the fun you've been having!