Tuesday, December 04, 2007

When Leopards Go Bad

I should've seen this coming, shouldn't I?

I've got a Mac and a PowerBook; since the Leopard release of OS X I've been using a feature called Back to My Mac: I sit in the living room and, whenever I fancy, I can look at the screen of the Mac in my office. You're thinking this is stupid and I can't 100% disagree with you, but the PowerBook's a writing machine that I've reluctantly stripped down to prevent me piddling about in Photoshop when I should be working. And the office Mac is the big bugger; if anything's going to take some heavy lifting, I leave my Mac doing it.

And then check its screen from down here.

Only... I had to go do it in reverse, didn't I? Very fine, very useful, but can you see where this is going? By accident and thickness, I used my PowerBook to show me the screen of my office Mac... which was showing me the screen of my PowerBook.

This is what happens.


Lee said...

That is spectacular!

Piers said...

Now if you move the screen slightly, you'll get the original opening sequence to Doctor Who!

William Gallagher said...

There was a terrible sense of alien doom with it: at first when I'd move my cursor, you'd see this ripple as all the cursors moved to infinity.

And infinity's quite a long way, I'll have you know. I had to punch-restart the PowerBook to break out of it because all the Force Quit stuff was going to the other Mac and the other Mac and the other Mac and the other Mac. I could see each one saying "he can't mean me, I'll pass it on".

William Gallagher said...
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Darryl said...

When Leopards Divide By Zero?