Wednesday, December 05, 2007

When Leopards go "Boo!"

I am supposed to be busy, but...

Couldn't resist. I just recorded some dialogue here in my office, popped it over to the PowerBook in the living room and hit play on it from here.

True, I couldn't hear the playback, but I heard the bump as my sister-in-law jumped through the roof.

Ah, technology.



Darryl said...
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Darryl said...

I had to leave my suggestion until after the Last DVD Review.
As The DVD Came out after December 4th.


But as I'm here,

Blade Runner: The Final Cut (5 Disc)
This really does hurt, include it in next years run down?

If you haven't seen it, may I say, it's the best cut yet.
I'm a Doctor Who Fan (Sylvester McCoy was my doctor), but, Blade Runner beats Doctor Who S3 just that little bit.

Yup it hurt me to.

With Thanks,
(Second post with typos removed)

William Gallagher said...

I'm honestly surprised the new Blade Runner didn't make it into the top ten. (And I obviously didn't hint enough, sorry: I was pretty firm about the poll being of 2007 DVDs but I'd not have ruled you out.)

Especially since I knew The Bourne Ultimatum as going to be in my own top ten ever since I saw it in the cinema.